Obama willing to compromise on health care

WASHINGTON — Declaring that it is "time for us to act" on health care reform, President Obama said Saturday that he is willing to compromise with Republicans to strike a deal — but signaled again that he will support Democratic efforts to move forward on their own if necessary.

Obama, in his weekly address to the nation, said last Thursday's bipartisan health-care summit showcased areas of agreement between the two parties. But he acknowledged that "there were differences" and argued that no compromise would make all sides happy.

"Some of these disagreements we may be able to resolve. Some we may not. And no final bill will include everything that everyone wants. That's what compromise is," Obama said. "I said at the end of Thursday's summit that I am eager and willing to move forward with members of both parties on health care if the other side is serious about coming together to resolve our differences and get this done. But I also believe that we cannot lose the opportunity to meet this challenge."

Obama added: "It is time for us to come together. It is time for us to act. It is time for those of us in Washington to live up to our responsibilities to the American people and to future generations. So let's get this done."