China tries to slow economy

BEIJING — While the rest of the world is trying to recover from recession, China is trying to slow its economy down.

Beijing took steps Tuesday to curb the kinds of high-risk loans that can create housing bubbles, as happened in the United States. It ordered banks to set aside more reserves, and its central bank raised interest rates on one-year bills.

China, which was also hit by the worldwide downturn but has bounced back fast, hopes cooling the pace of lending will keep its economy growing without creating inflation and overheating.

Britain appeals ruling on anti-terrorism laws

LONDON — The British government said Tuesday it will appeal a European Court of Human Rights ruling that prevents police from using anti-terrorism laws to stop and search members of the public.

The Strasbourg-based court ruled that a British law allowing police to stop and search people without having to first prove they were acting suspiciously violates individual freedoms.

The British government gave the police the power to stop and search anyone they wished as part of the Terrorism Act passed in 2000. Rights groups, protesters and photographers have complained that police often misuse the law to stop people from carrying out legitimate activities, such as participating in demonstrations or photographing police officers or public buildings.