Zimbabwe's president vows to regain power

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said Saturday the unity government is short-lived and he plans to regain his hold over the country he has ruled for nearly three decades.

Mugabe appeared triumphant after being re-elected to the leadership of his ZANU-PF party, which has been severely weakened after it lost its parliamentary majority in last year's contested elections.

The 85-year-old leader was forced into a power-sharing deal with former rivals after the 2008 poll, but many fear it is doomed to fail as Mugabe clings to power.

"The inclusive government has a short life of 24 months," he said. "So we must be ready for the elections and we must not be defeated like we were last year. We must win resoundingly and regain the constituents we lost."

A new election date has not been set, but many observers fear that the build up will see the return of the violence that has marred previous polls.

6 missing after ship sinks off Israeli port

JERUSALEM — A freighter heading to an Israeli port sank in stormy weather in international waters near the Lebanese coast, and six of its 12 crew members were rescued, officials said Saturday.

The ship was headed from Greece to the northern Israeli port of Haifa when it sank, the Israeli military said, adding that no foul play was suspected. Israel's military sent rescue helicopters, a navy ship and divers to search for survivors.

A U.N. peacekeeping mission in Lebanon also sent teams and together they searched for survivors, mostly by air due to the bad weather, said Israeli military spokesman Maj. Erik Snider.