Time Warner, Fox make deal

LOS ANGELES — The Fox television network and Time Warner Cable have announced an agreement in principle on a television programming deal that will allow signals to continue for millions of cable subscribers.

Fox had threatened to force Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks to drop the Fox broadcast signal from 14 of its TV stations and half a dozen of its cable channels as a contract expired at midnight Thursday.

But signals were extended into Friday as talks continued, allowing more than 6 million cable subscribers in New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, Fla., and other markets to watch college football bowl games and other programming.

Deaths of miners hit lowest mark in years

FRANKFORT, Ky. —The number of miners killed on the job in the United States fell for a second straight year to 34, the fewest since officials began keeping records nearly a century ago.

That was down from the previous low of 52 in 2008.

U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration documents show 18 of the deaths occurred in coal mines, down from 29 in 2008; and 16 were in gold, copper and other types of mines, down from 22 in 2008. Most involved aboveground truck accidents on mine property, though some of the deaths resulted from rock falls and being struck by machinery.

Obama administration mine safety czar Joe Main said the numbers are encouraging, but he won't be satisfied until no miners are killed on the job.

The latest statistics are vastly improved, he said, from a century ago when hundreds, sometimes thousands of miners were killed each year.