Earthquake hits Southwest

SAN DIEGO — Residents along the California-Mexico border reported intense shaking but no major damage or injuries from a 5.8 earthquake on Wednesday.

The city manager of Calexico — about 22 miles from the quake epicenter — said there was some heavy shaking for 15 seconds. But he said things quickly got back to normal.

Officials weren't greatly worried about the structural integrity of tall buildings — most buildings in the border town are three stories or fewer.

Calexico officials called their colleagues across the border in Mexicali, which has not requested any aid at this time.

The quake was felt over a wide section of the Southwest, including San Diego, Phoenix and Tijuana.

Snowpack for Calif. is below normal

SACRAMENTO, Calif. —California's first snow survey of the winter showed the Sierra snowpack below normal Wednesday despite a series of storms that has drenched much of the state and pleased ski resort operators.

The state Department of Water Resources reported the findings from monitors along the 400-mile-long Sierra Nevada. The snowpack, which is the source for much of the water used by California cities and farms, contains about 85 percent of its usual water content for this time of year.

Sue Sims, the water department's chief deputy director, said the results suggest California may be facing a fourth year of drought.