Giuliani won't run for office

NEW YORK — After months of playing it coy and flirting with a bid for statewide office, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Tuesday that he won't return to the campaign trail next year, leaving a wide-open field for New York Republicans interested in the gubernatorial and Senate races.

Giuliani, viewed by many New York Republicans as a savior for the struggling party, said his "significant commitments" to his lucrative law and consulting businesses made it impossible for him to run for office in 2010.

Bison conservation program expires

BILLINGS, Mont. —An effort to divert some Yellowstone National Park bison from government-sponsored slaughter is in limbo after the program's permit expired and criticism emerged over moving some of the animals onto Ted Turner's private ranch.

Since 2005, about 200 bison that would otherwise have been captured and slaughtered were diverted into a pilot conservation and research program run by the state and federal governments.

But after finding a home for the animals proved problematic, officials said Tuesday that no more bison would be diverted for the foreseeable future.