Church offers official apology

NEW YORK — Members of one of America's oldest Protestant churches officially apologized Friday — for the first time — for massacring and displacing American Indians 400 years ago.

"We consumed your resources, dehumanized your people and disregarded your culture, along with your dreams, hopes and great love for this land," the Rev. Robert Chase told descendants from both sides. "With pain, we, the Collegiate Church, remember our part in these events."

The minister spoke at a reconciliation ceremony of the Lenape tribe with the Collegiate Church, started in 1628 in then-New Amsterdam as the Reformed Dutch Church.

Missouri puppy mill dogs heading for New York

CHICAGO — About 50 dogs rescued from puppy mills in Missouri should soon be finding loving homes on New York's Long Island.

The dogs were taken by bus to Chicago, where they were given a rest break and special Thanksgiving meals on Thursday.

On Friday, the dogs were loaded onto a Pet Airways flight from Midway Airport in Chicago to New York's LaGuardia Airport. They'll then be taken to the North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington, N.Y., where they will be put up for adoption.

Missouri launched an aggressive campaign last summer to investigate and prosecute unlicensed dog breeders.