Israelis brace for unrest in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM — Israeli police mobilized reinforcements from across the country to secure volatile Jerusalem on Tuesday, deploying thousands of officers on city streets for fear that two days of minor clashes with Palestinian protesters would escalate.

By nightfall, no serious clashes had developed, and an Israeli Muslim leader was arrested on suspicion of helping spark the tension.

Rumors that Jewish extremists planned to march on the most sacred Muslim and Jewish shrine in the Holy Land apparently fueled the unrest in Jerusalem, the city at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

No such march has taken place. But the low-level violence has inflamed political and religious passions, stoked reports in the Israeli and Arab media and laid bare once again just how much of a tinderbox Jerusalem is.

Somalia's defense minister seized

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Gunmen seized Somalia's state minister for defense Tuesday during a trip to the Ugandan capital, a Somali government spokesman said.

Minister Yusuf Mohamed Siad was picked up as he walked out of a mosque in Kampala, Somali government spokesman Sheik Abdirisaq Qeylow said.

"We are investigating," Qeylow told the Associated Press. "All we know so far is that he was taken away."

Qeylow said Siad was kidnapped, but the circumstances were not immediately clear and the claim could not be independently confirmed. Calls to authorities in Uganda were not immediately returned.