5 slain over rims and TVs in Ark.

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. —Thieves shot to death five Arkansas family members and burned their bodies for the meager bounty of a set of wheel rims and some flat-screen televisions, court documents said Friday.

Samuel Conway and Jeremy Pickney, both 23, pleaded not guilty Friday to charges of capital murder, aggravated residential burglary and arson, Garland County court documents showed.

In court documents, police said a confidential informant told them that Conway showed him a gun and Pickney offered the stolen wheel rims and televisions for sale the day after the killings.

Teen pleads guilty in Border Patrol slaying

SAN DIEGO — A Mexican teenager pleaded guilty Friday to fatally shooting a U.S. Border Patrol agent in July while attempting to rob him of government property in a remote area east of San Diego.

The suspect, Christian Daniel Castro-Alvarez, 17, and an unspecified number of co-conspirators crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and lured Robert W. Rosas Jr. out of his vehicle while he was on patrol, according to the plea agreement filed in federal court.

Rosas was shot multiple times by Castro-Alvarez and one or more co-conspirators. He suffered four gunshot wounds to the head and four to his neck and torso.