2,000 protest in Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela — Some 2,000 people marched across Venezuela's capital Saturday to protest what they say is the persecution of President Hugo Chavez's opponents.

The marchers called on the Organization of American States to investigate what they consider a deterioration of human rights in the South American country.

No arrests or confrontations with police were reported during the march.

Prehistoric site found near Stonehenge

LONDON — Archaeologists have discovered a smaller prehistoric site near Britain's famous circle of standing stones at Stonehenge.

Researchers have dubbed the site "Bluehenge," after the color of the 27 Welsh stones that were laid to make up a path. The stones have disappeared, but the path of holes remains.

Researchers from Sheffield University in northern England say the new circle represents an important find. The site is about a mile from Stonehenge, which is believed to have been built around 2500 B.C.

Bluehenge, about 80 miles southwest of London, is thought to date back to the same period.