Typhoon to hit Philippines

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines began evacuating a province near Manila on Thursday ahead of a looming Typhoon Parma, as rain falling on the saturated capital added to the misery of victims of recent floods and stoked fears of another disaster.

The sky has been clear over the sprawling metropolis for the past few days, allowing the more than 2 million people whose homes were inundated to begin scraping off the mud and muck left behind by Typhoon Ketsana.

That storm cut a destructive path across four Southeast Asian countries and killed at least 386 people — 280 in the Philippines, 92 in Vietnam and 14 in Cambodia. Laos was also hit, but no deaths were reported.

Study: Most babies to reach 100th birthday

LONDON — Most babies born in rich countries this century will make it to their 100th birthday, new research says.

Danish experts say that since the 20th century, people in developed countries are living about three decades longer than in the past. Surprisingly, the trend shows little sign of slowing down.

In an article published today in the medical journal Lancet, the researchers write that the process of aging may be "modifiable."

James Vaupel of the Max Planck Institute in Germany and colleagues in Denmark examined studies published globally in 2004-05 on numerous issues related to aging. They found life expectancy is increasing steadily in most countries, even beyond the limits of what scientists first thought possible.