Woman throws billiard balls to thwart thieves

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas — A couple of burglars caught a bad break.

Standing on her roof, a 27-year-old woman thwarted an attempted burglary Wednesday afternoon when she pelted two men at the front of her home with billiard balls.

"I made it to the back door, climbed a tree and onto the roof," Paula Ollie said. "I went to the front of the house and yelled 'Death from above' and started throwing the pool (table) balls."

Ollie said she was accurate.

"I nailed him in the back," Ollie said, referring to one man. "I then started throwing at the one at the front door and got him, but I don't know where I hit him. I did miss once because there's a dent in the front door."

The cursing men ran for their lives, holding their arms above their heads to protect themselves.

When police officers arrived, they did not find the men.

"We recommend that people call 911 if they see strangers at their home," North Richland Hills Investigator Keith Bauman said.

Ollie described the men as dressed all in black — their hats, shirts, pants and shoes.

"I know one was white because I could see his arm when he had it over his head," Ollie said.

As for her warrior cry of "Death from above," Ollie says she heard it in a movie but wasn't sure which.

Ollie, a mother of three, was at home alone.

"I heard something outside, and I went to the front door, where I heard these two men talking quietly," said Ollie, who had been cleaning the house. "They didn't ring the doorbell or knock. I put my ear to the door, and I sensed that something was wrong."

Without thinking of calling 911, Ollie plotted her attack. She loaded her son's bike helmet with billiard balls.

She quietly went out the back door, placed the helmet straps in her mouth and climbed a tree. From there, she made her way to the roof.

"If I had known where the BB gun was, I would have used that," Ollie said. "There's a crossbow in the house, and if I had known where the ammunition was, I would have grabbed that."

Once on the roof, Ollie began her assault.

And within a few minutes, she had run the table on them.