Honduras ends suspension of civil liberties

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Facing condemnation abroad and criticism at home, Honduras' interim President Roberto Micheletti reversed course Tuesday and said he'd withdraw a controversial measure that's suspended civil liberties in Honduras.

Micheletti's government also backtracked on another key issue by inviting a group of foreign ministers to Honduras next week, two days after his government barred four foreign diplomats from the Organization of American States.

The diplomats are part of the international effort to pressure the Micheletti government into allowing the return of ousted President Manuel Zelaya, who remains holed up at the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras.

Worried British P.M. proposes changes

BRIGHTON, England — Prime Minister Gordon Brown, seeking to stave off an expected election defeat, pledged Tuesday to restore trust in Britain's tarnished politics, kick start its stuttering economy and slash government debt.

Brown sketched out a likely Labour Party manifesto as he announced a blizzard of populist policies which he hopes will boost the party's flagging ratings before a national election, which must by law be called by June.