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Nevada police officer saves choking 3-year-old boy (VIDEO)

Screengrab from video
Screengrab from video

A Nevada police officer saved a young boy last week who was choking on a large piece of candy. His rescue was captured on store video and on a body camera worn by the officer. It was posted last week on Facebook by the Mesquite Police Department.

On Dec. 15, the boy’s parents brought the choking 3-year-old into a convenience store in Mesquite, Nevada, according to the post.

An employee called 911. The dispatcher could only hear yelling in background, the police said, and broadcasted the emergency over the police radio.

Officer Quinn Averett, currently assigned as a K-9 officer for the Mesquite police, had finished his shift and was headed home when he heard the call come over the radio. He was less than a block away, so he responded, according to the Facebook post.

Averett entered the convenience store and found the father holding his son, who was not moving. The officer grabbed the 3-year-old and began life-saving measures. After about one minute, he was able to dislodge a large jawbreaker from the child’s airway.

The boy immediately began breathing and crying, the post said. The child was later medically evaluated by paramedics who responded to the scene.