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'LivePD' may air fatal officer-involved shooting in Missouri

The Wichita Eagle

Cameras for a reality television show were rolling when a Missouri man was shot to death by law enforcement officers last week, and now his daughter fears his death will be aired on national television.

William Simcoe Jr. was shot after he led Greene County Sheriff's deputies on a car chase, then ran and brandished a handgun on Wednesday, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

"LivePD," which airs on the A&E Network, had cameras along for the ride with the deputies and captured the incident.

On Facebook and Twitter, the Greene County Sheriff's Office described Simcoe, 45, as a burglary suspect and parole absconder.

"Simcoe was known to be armed and dangerous," a post on the department's Facebook page said.

His daughter, April, told the News-Leader that a detective told her the fatal shooting had been filmed by "LivePD." She said the detective told her the sheriff's office is doing what it can to prevent the footage of her father's death from airing, but that they likely can't stop it.

The episode featuring her father could air as early as next week, she said.

The show is hosted from a control room in New York as film crews follow six police departments per episode. Real-time incidents are usually cleared for the live broadcast after delays as brief as a few minutes. Some segments air on a delayed basis when there are lulls in live activity.

There are lawyers in the control room to vet sequences “to make sure Live PD isn’t exposed to any legal problems,” IndieWire has reported.

A woman in South Carolina learned her son had died while she was watching "LivePD" last year, and some law enforcement agencies around the country have ended agreements to be on the real-time police show due to concerns the program made their towns look bad.

The Wichita Police Department was approached to be on "LivePD" but declined, Chief Gordon Ramsay said.

About half of the departments approached by "LivePD" before the show premiered declined, The Wrap reported.