Powerball in Kansas: By the numbers (+video)

There’s no doubt Kansans love Powerball.

After Instant Lottery, Kansans spent the most on Powerball tickets: more than $35.2 million in 2015.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the numbers.

Biggest sales

It can be expected that the most Powerball ticket sales in Kansas will be in counties with bigger populations. Here are the top five counties by Powerball sales.

Johnson: $7,774,826

Sedgwick: $6,513,679

Shawnee: $2,550,780

Wyandotte: $1,995,712

Douglas: $1,126,158


Even if a Kansan wins the Powerball jackpot, the state taxes collected on the win would not be enough to fix Kansas’ budget woes for next year.

In Kansas, if the winner chose an annuity payment for a $1.4 billion drawing – which will be higher by the time the drawing occurs – they would be taxed $2.33 million by the state and about $11.6 million by the federal government.

The average net per year would be about $32.6 million, which means after 30 payments, they would receive about $980 million.

If they chose the cash option, they would be taxed $43.4 million by the state and $217 million by the federal government, and their net payout would be $607.6 million.

The cash option would help the state for this year – it is down about $14 million in tax revenue.

But it wouldn’t alleviate the shortfall for next fiscal year of at least $170 million.

How Powerball works

Each ticket costs $2. In Powerball, you pick numbers for five white balls and one red ball.

The white balls are drawn from a drum with 69 balls and the red ones from a drum with 26 balls.

Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:59 p.m. You have until 8:59 p.m. to purchase tickets.

If you match all of the white balls in any order and the red ball, you win the jackpot.

Second prize is $1 million in cash if you match the five white balls in any order. If you match at least three white ball numbers, you will win something. And if you match the red ball, you’ll win a prize. Overall odds of winning a prize are about 1 in 25.

Past Wichita winners

Since 1993, 22 Kansans and a pool of 26 American Airline workers in Tulsa, some of whom were from Kansas, have been made Powerball millionaires, totaling $370.6 million, according to the Kansas Lottery.

Two Wichitans make the list of Kansas Powerball millionaires: Randy Frye won $12.2 million in October 1993, and Mary Ann Bowles won $26.5 million in June 1996.

Bowles died of cancer in November of that year. Her husband also died of cancer a month later.

Kelsey Ryan: 316-269-6752, @kelsey_ryan

Top retailers

According to the Kansas Lottery, these are the top retailers for all lottery sales for 2014:

Director’s Choice Award




Lonestar Store 23



Top five convenience stores




Jiffy Mart, 600 W. Main



QuikTrip, 1620 S. Webb



Express Corner 2

Garden City


Hutch’s C-Store 117



Ottawa Mini Mart



Top five grocery stores




Dillons, 9450 E. Harry



Dillons, 5311 SW 22nd



Hen House 33

Overland Park


John’s Food Center



Hy-Vee Food & Drug 1508

Overland Park


Top five social environment




Heritage Restaurant



Golden Q



Specks Bar & Grill



Walt’s Bar and Grill



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