You Oughta Know

Read comments about Intrust Bank Arena online

Each Monday, The Eagle highlights a government record that is available to the public. Open records help citizens keep government in check and help them better understand how government affects their lives.

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The record: A compilation of online comments about Intrust Bank Arena that range from helpful suggestions to complaints about parking. A few people also inquire about working there.

Why you'd want it: The arena just announced its opening concert, Brad Paisley, who will perform Jan. 9. Interest in the arena has been high in Sedgwick County since taxpayers voted for a sales tax to support it. Plus, some of the comments are just entertaining.

Where you get the records: The comments are on the county's Web site, Using the dropdown menu at the top of the page, select arena. You also can add your own comments.

How much it will cost: The information is free.