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Former Kansas delegation members assail shutdown

Former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole joined Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., who is one of only two World War II veterans in Congress, in calling on Congress to honor veterans by fully funding government. Dole and Dingell said, in a joint statement: "If this Congress truly wishes to recognize the sacrifice and bravery of our World War II veterans and all who've come after, it will end this shutdown and reopen our government now. The current shutdown has slowed the rate at which the government can process veterans' disability claims and, as the VA has stated, it is negatively impacting other services to our nation's veterans. Piecemeal or partial spending plans do not adequately ensure that our veterans – and indeed all Americans – have access to the system of self-government established to serve and protect them." And Dan Glickman, the former Democratic congressman from Wichita, noted in a Huffington Post commentary that "Congress' primary job – really its only job as the entity with the 'power of the purse' – is to pass a budget" and "this process has completely broken down." Glickman concluded: "Congress must take up its duties together to pass appropriations, keep the government open, raise the debt ceiling, improve the health care law, and show the public that it is still an institution committed to compromise – hard as it may be – on behalf of the American people."