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Huelskamp stands out for linking Benghazi, Syria

An MSNBC blog post credited Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, with demonstrating "that any GOP discussion inevitably leads to Benghazi." Huelskamp tweeted Tuesday: "Since #Obama still refuses to tell us the whole truth about #Benghazi, why do GOP leaders trust Obama to be truthful about #Syria?" MSNBC's John Flowers concluded: "It's difficult to say whether any other Republicans are ready to pick up the 'Benghazi' line on Syria. Then again, for the 8 percent of Americans who believe Benghazi is located in Syria – this link probably comes as no surprise at all." Flowers was referring to a Public Policy Polling survey in May that also found 41 percent of Republicans viewed Benghazi as the biggest political scandal in American history.