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A few minutes with ... Joey Harrington

Former Oregon/Detroit quarterback Joey Harrington will help call K-State’s upcoming game against North Dakota State for Fox Sports 1.He was a Heisman Trophy finalist at Oregon. Then he was a starting quarterback in the NFL. Now Joey Harrington is a college football analyst for Fox Sports 1.

Harrington is making his first trip to Manhattan to help call Kansas State's season-opener against North Dakota State on Friday.

He is looking forward to the game, which pits the defending Big 12 champion against the defending Championship Subdivision champion and marks the debut of Jake Waters as K-State's starting quarterback.

With that in mind, Harrington was kind enough to talk about the game while he drove from KCI to Manhattan on Wednesday.

Here are the highlights of that conversation (edited for clarity and length):

Q: As a former quarterback, what advice would you give Jake Waters heading into his first start? Also, what are you expecting from Waters on Friday?

A: What advice would I give him? Be yourself, don't try and be somebody you're not and do more than you need to. He is walking into a good position for a lot of reasons. He has a great tailback behind him. He has some very good wide receivers, he has an offensive line that is very experienced, he has got a head coach who will make sure he is put in the right position ... I would tell him to be yourself and go play.

On the second part of your question, I'm not sure what to expect. There is not a whole lot of film on him. We are still trying to find some good game film of him. I am going to try to get in there and see if I can watch some practice footage of him and get a better look. From the highlight tapes, I've seen he throws a nice ball and he runs well. From the stats I can tell you 39 touchdowns compared to three interceptions is about as good a ratio as I've ever seen. (more…)