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Pure Mixx yogurt owner looking for site

WICHITA – Joann Mai isn't letting lackluster yogurt sales at BlackTop Nationals keep her from opening a restaurant in Wichita.

Mai and her sister and brother, Tran Mai and Ty Mai, started the Maiberry yogurt chain in Colorado, which franchisees also operate in Texas.

Joann Mai's husband is from Wichita, and she recently moved here with the intent to open a restaurant of her own. She tested selling the yogurt over the weekend at the car show, but Mai says people seemed more interested in water and soda.

"It was not very successful."

Mai is undeterred, though, and is seeking space near either 21st and Maize Road or along Rock Road.

"I want to see how people like it," she says of opening one restaurant first. "If we do good, we'll open up more."

Mai will call it Pure Mixx, which is another name the family uses for the business. There's a Pure Mixx in Fort Collins, Colo.

Mai says she'll serve Greek yogurt with fresh fruit. She says it will have a Vietnamese flair, meaning it won't be as sour as Greek yogurt can sometimes be. Nor will it be as sweet as American yogurt can be.

"It's mixed in between."

Mai also will serve banh mi. She says she'll offer several varieties of the Vietnamese sandwiches.

While she's looking for a site for Pure Mixx, Mai says she'll continue to test her yogurt around the area.