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Annual archery shoot/picnic marks changing of the seasons

Ste. Kathy and I get a lot of invitations. Many are through her career as a psychologist or mine as a journalist. Having been in this area for 21 years we have a wide variety of civic causes that lead to invitations and we’re blessed with a nearly countless number of friends with whom we enjoy  some great social times.

But Saturday was one of our most anticipated events, and rather than a nice Wichita restaurant it’s “in the boonies” near the tiny town of Burns where we only know a small percentage of the people…and there are usually 150 or so in attendance.

For several years friends Pat and Janet Post have hosted a 3-D archery shoot/picnic at their home in Marion County the last weekend of August. It’s basically a gathering of area bowhunters, a chance to spend some time together before heading into months of solitary hunting.  YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO READ A FEATURE I WROTE ABOUT THE EVENT A FEW YEARS AGO. Since, I’ve attended as a participant.

Through the woods a trail leads archers to about 15 live-sized, foam targets ranging from small rats and raccoons to standing black bears, wild boar and about every imaginable shot at a foam whitetail buck possible.

I shoot, and Kathy just walks along, holding our drinks and maybe a quiver of arrows. We purposely avoid getting mixed in with another group, though a lot of people there are roaming the course in packs made up of hunting buddies. They have fun, and so do we.  It’s a welcome hour or so to just wander around outside, and enjoy each other.

This year the weather seemed perfect, with enough of a breeze and plenty of shade, to keep us from feeling to hot.

Last year the weather was even better, as a  downpour of about four inches of rain hammered the event.  In the midst of that tail-kicking drought, the rain was appreciated and most of us just walked around getting soaked, laughing and having a great times shooting, eating and visiting.

And eat, we do well, as appetizers and a great meal are spread on long tables.

There is also plenty of visiting with friends we mainly only see at the event, plus Pat and Janet, They’re dear friends we laugh with…A LOT…and need to see more.

One of my favorite things about the event is that most in attendance are coming as families. Kids aged from toddlers to teens stand in line and launch arrows from bows furnished at the shoot.

Nothing fancy, nothing expensive…but we’ll do our best to be there in 2014, too.