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A few minutes with ... New Kansas State assistants Blake Seiler and Andre Coleman

Kansas State welcomed two new assistant coaches in the offseason. They are both former K-State players who are entering their first seasons as full-time assistants at the BCS level.

Blake Seiler is the new defensive ends coach. Andre Coleman is the new wide receivers coach.

They were both hired several months ago, but were off-limits to the media until just recently at the team’s annual media day. Both coaches took some time to talk about their new jobs with K-Stated. Here are the highlights of those conversations:

Blake Seiler This is your first year as full-time assistant, but you have been a member of Kansas State’s coaching staff for four years, both as a quality control assistant and graduate assistant. After all that waiting, what was it like to get promoted?

It was an unbelievable feeling, my time as a GA was almost up. I was looking for a job and to end up with a job here, at my alma mater ... What more could you ask for? It's the perfect job. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity. I am willing to give it whatever I can to make it work.

How did Bill Snyder break the news to you that you were being promoted?

He just came in my office, looked me in the eye and said, “Are you ready to move up.” I said, “Yes sir.” He said, “All right, I'm confident that's the direction we are going to go.” We went from there.

You inherit a talented group of defensive ends, but none of them have much on-field experience. What is it like working with players that are going to be starting for the first time this season?

I don't have much on-field experience. Ryan Mueller has the most playing experience. I do have a lot of guys who have been in the program and in our defense. Marquel Bryant has two years. Laton Dowling has three. Devon Nash has been here going through spring ball. At least they have been in the meeting room and they know how we practice and know what to expect. It should be as smooth a transition as we could ask for considering the circumstances. (more…)