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Time for the trail cams

This buck obviously feels at home on this food plot, showing up about every day for the past two weeks. He’s put on about 15 to 20 more inches of antler since last year.It’s kind of like running a trotline, only you have the chance to catch a lot more than just five or six fish.

I ran a set recently  that had more than 1,600 “catches” in about two weeks. I’m talking, of course, about running a string of trail cameras.

What used to be bulky units the size of cigar boxes, that used size D batteries and a roll of 36 exposure film are now about as little as about one-third the old size, run on a few AA batteries and I have some memory cards that store more than 4,000 images.Photos of young, spotted fawns are always a pleasure to see. This doe actually appears to have triplets, though the camera never got all four in the same frame.The main thing those with trail cameras…and note it’s plural, because once you have one you realize you need many more, are placed for is to get photos of deer. The main goal is often trophy bucks but I get a kick out of the shots of little spotted fawns, or a pair of does reared up on their hind legs, slapping hooves in a power struggle over a source of food.