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Simmie Hill's brief Shocker career

Simmie Hill spent one year at Wichita State and never played in a varsity basketball game. Those who saw him play say he would have turned into one of the Shocker greats. He averaged around 30 points and 12 rebounds in a 15-game freshman schedule in 1965-66.Simmie Hill at Midland (Pa.) High.However, academics sent him to a junior college. Instead of joining with Warren Armstrong, and others, Hill ended up at West Texas State on his way to the ABA.

Hill, 66, died on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Everything I know about Hill comes from Bob Lutz’s fabulous 2006 story about Hill. If you’ve got any interest in Shocker history and what ifs, it’s a must read.“I don’t want to use too much hyperbole here, but from having been around Simmie and played with him, he would have made a substantial contribution to WSU basketball,” said teammate Ron Mendell. “Physically, he was on a par with any of the great Shockers of all-time. He was there with Xavier (McDaniel), (Antoine) Carr and Stallworth. He was that good.”