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Kobach isn't backing down on immigration

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach mocked those who think that Republicans need to support comprehensive immigration reform in order to attract more support from Hispanics. "Any politician who thinks, 'Oh, we just cast one vote, and then all of a sudden this demographic group comes flocking to us,' they're being superficial Washington idiots," Kobach told the New York Times. He also dismissed the conventional wisdom that Mitt Romney's endorsement of "self-deportation" policies is why he did so poorly among Hispanic voters during the 2012 presidential campaign. "I think his low share of the Hispanic vote probably would have been exactly the same, or very close to the same, regardless of whether he said 'self-deportation' or not," Kobach said. Melinda Lewis of El Centro Inc., a social service organization in the Kansas City area, told the Times that Kobach "seems determined to ignore his growing irrelevance."