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School funding not even close to what is required

State lawmakers shouldn't pat themselves on the back for not cutting state funding to schools this fiscal year and for approving a small increase next fiscal year. The two-year funding is $1.23 billion less than the statutory amount. In other words, it's not even close to what is required by the state's own laws and statutes. The Kansas State Department of Education calculated that state funding is $574 million less than the requirement for this fiscal year and $656.7 million less next fiscal year. The State Board of Education voted last week to ask Gov. Sam Brownback to seek the full statutory amount for 2015, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported. The Kansas Supreme Court, which is expected to rule on a school-funding lawsuit by the end of this year, will likely make a similar demand. Will Brownback and state lawmakers agree? Or will they pass more tax cuts?