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Huelskamp slammed two presidents in one tweet

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, startled some politics watchers Wednesday with a tweet that insulted Presidents Obama and Clinton. "Trusting Obama w/ border security is like trusting Bill Clinton w/ your daughter," he tweeted, also saying that's the view of most House and Senate Republicans and Americans. Asked about the tweet later by NBC News, Huelskamp called the comment "kind of offhand" but repeated it. He said something similar last month: "The idea of letting this administration define border security is like letting Bill Clinton define sexual relations." Actually, Huelskamp's presidential insults have been bipartisan this week. After President Bush urged House Republicans Wednesday to act on immigration reform, Huelskamp told Associated Press: "We care what people back home say, not what some former president says." It's hardly news to "people back home" that the 1st District congressman can be unsubtle. One of his 2010 campaign ads promised that he would "stick it to Pelosi and Obama."