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Less rain than anticipated overnight for Wichita

Less than half an inch of rain fell in Wichita overnight, which is less than what was initially forecast.

But any rain is welcome these days in a region still recovering from a long-term drought.

Officially, .45 of an inch was recorded by the National Weather Service office in southwest Wichita.

“A pretty good little rain,” said Chris Jakub, a meteorologist with the weather service.

Coffeyville received about an inch of rain, the most in the region. More showers and thunderstorms are possible in far southern Kansas later. Wichita may get a brief shower, but it won’t amount to much in terms of accumulation.

“It was a nice, beneficial rain,” Jakub said, in that it fell gradually and not sideways or rapidly due to strong winds or a downpour.

That allowed the soil to absorb the moisture more readily.