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Beyond the Cutline: Star-Spangled Sons

This is a new, weekly feature for Sunflower Slate where I’ll take a picture from off the beat and get the story behind it – from the person that took it and the people in it. If you have ones you think might be worthy, feel free to e-mail them to me:

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“Star-Spangled Sons” PHOTO CREDIT: KACY BARGENCutline: Butler Community College men’s basketball coach Mike Bargen stands for the national anthem with his son, John, before Butler’s Feb. 9 game at Hutchinson. Butler defeated Hutchinson, then No. 1 and undefeated, 70-64.

Beyond the Cutline: I saw the picture, taken by Mike Bargen’s wife, Kacy, on Facebook while I was in Orlando last week. When I got back I was interviewing Mike and asked him about it.

The Grizzlies have won five straight and were 21-6 and 9-4 in Jayhawk West play headed into Wednesday afternoon’s game at Cloud County. I thought it was striking because Mike would have been about the same age as John, who is five years old, when Mike’s father, Gary, was the head men’s coach at Hutchinson from 1978 to 1986.

Mike Bargen: (Kacy) and I talked for awhile about finding a road game that we could bring (John) to that was close enough where we wouldn’t have to keep him up to late. I want him to get to experience some of the things that I experienced with my dad when I was young. I’ve got some very similar (pictures) of me with my dad when he was the coach at Hutchinson.

Kacy Bargen: I’m from a military family and was brought up with some fairly strict guidelines … including attention during the national anthem. I was so proud of his posture! I hated to be snapping a photo during the national anthem … but the moment was too good to miss.