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Casts and Blasts from the Great Outdoors Photo Contest

Clarissa Peterson’s “Wood Duck” won first place in the adult division of the 2013 Wichita Eagle Great Outdoors Photo Contest.Hundreds of photos were entered, and a few of us at The Eagle narrowed the field to 15 adult and five youth finalists. From there votes were casts online and at the Kansas Sports, Boat and Travel Show and winners were announced on Sunday.


Looking back from the day after, a few things of interest have appeared.

– As in years past, there was a fairly wide variance in the photos that did well online and those that did well at the Sports Show. The votes were combined evenly  to determine the overall winners.

– Clarrisa Peterson’s “Wood Duck” was the overall winner for the adult division and took first in the online voting but was fourth at the Sport Show.

– Overall second-place winner, “Shhhh! Don’t wake Mama!’” by Phoebe Janzen was second online but seventh at the Sports Show. It was a photo of three young screech owls with an adult on a tree limb.

–”No Compromise,” Joe Harris’ photo of two trophy-class bucks locked in battle predictably won the votes by a good margin at the Sports Show, but was the fifth most popular photo online. It placed third overall.

– Some photos did about equally well online and at the Sports Show. “A Great Day at Work,” the photo of the jumping bass by Linda Wallace scored ninth on both polls. “Rise,” Jordan Moritz’s sunrise silhouette of a whitetail buck  scored fourth online and fifth at the Sports Show.

– Under the, “Shows how much I know,” department, “Kansas Painted Bunting,” taken by Chuck Streker along the Arkansas River near Derby, scored last and didn’t get many votes online or at the Sports Show.  Of all the photos entered, I probably envied it more than any other because the birds are so exotic and secretive. No matter where it ranked, I wish I’d have taken it. My other envied photo was “No Compromise.” I’m out more than 100 days a year, and I’ve never come across two such nice bucks engaged in a serious fight.