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Super Bowl, the day after

* I have some observations to make from the Super Bowl, and all that surrounds the Super Bowl, today.

* When the lights went out in the Superdome last night, we turned the lights out in our basement in a show of unity.

* What did the San Francisco 49ers do while the lights were out? I want to know so that I can do it.San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh always looks irritated. It’s hard for me to get behind the guy.Wow. Talk about a transformation.

* The commercials were probably about a B-minus for me. But, then, I’m not one who gets caught up in commercials. In fact, I am so used to speeding through commercials on my DVR that more than once last night I pushed the fast-forward button on my remote when one of the Super Bowl ads came on. And I was frustrated when nothing happened.

* I will say this, knowing I seem to be in the minority. The E*Trade commercials with babies talking like adults must stop. They are directly tied to the downturn of American society and they must go away. I say this having been in a room full of people last night who think the E*Trade commercials are, to borrow their word, adorable. Really? One of the biggest reasons I love babies is that they don’t talk. When they do talk, they become just most everyone else. Unlikeable.

* I don’t know how you feel about Ray Lewis and religion. I don’t know whether you think he’s guilty of murder or at least of knowing what went down in the streets of Atlanta back in 2000, when he was at first charged with double murder only for the charges to be dropped. I don’t know if you think Lewis is a redeemed human being or that he’s putting on the biggest act this side of Las Vegas. I don’t know whether he used antler spray to speed up his recovery from a torn triceps. What I know is that it wasn’t until Lewis returned to the Ravens after that injury sidelined him for weeks that the the Ravens really took off. While his play was only so-so, his leadership and inspiration to the Ravens looked as real as anything can look. So you’ve got to give him that.

* I suffered a broken hip watching Beyonce dance during the Super Bowl halftime show. Wow.

* It’ll be interesting to see how Super Bowl XLVIII goes next year at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. How will the weather be on Feb. 2, 2014? This has great potential to be one of the biggest busts in American sports history, but it’s dependent on the weather. What if it’s 10 degrees with snow? Is that going to feel like a Super Bowl? I’m all for playing this game in difference places, but this is a huge risk.

* There is great debate about the last San Francisco offensive play in which Colin Kaepernick’s fade pass to Michael Crabtree fell incomplete and out of bounds. A lot of people feel like Baltimore defender Jimmy Smith grabbed Crabtree and should have been called for holding. Others, me included, believe Crabtree initiated the contact and that the officials – which included Derby’s Steve Stelljes as head linesman – were right in not throwing a flag. It’s a controversial play, I suppose. But from the times I’ve seen it, I’m not sure why.

* I think more people should be talking about the 49ers’ play selection after getting to the Ravens’ 7-yard line with a first and goal late. San Francisco running back Frank Gore, who had set up that first-and-goal with a 33-yard run, didn’t touch the ball again. On the play after Gore’s run, the ‘Niners handed the ball to LaMichael James, then threw three straight passes to Crabtree. They made themselves too easy to defend. For that, SF coach Jim Harbaugh should be catching some grief today.

* I don’t like Jim Harbaugh. I think he whines too much. I do like John Harbaugh. I think he’s a class act. They’re brothers?

* Joe Flacco belongs in any discussion of the best quarterbacks playing in the NFL today. That was an amazing four-game run for the guy. Eleven touchdowns and no interceptions? Nearly 300 yards per game. And how about Anquan Bolden in the playoffs? Impressive, Ravens.

* San Francisco isn’t going away, certainly. And with Seattle and my improving St. Louis Rams, not to mention Arizona and its new coach Bruce Arians, the NFC West is looking strong.

* Baltimore should have staying power, too. The Steelers are getting old quickly and I’m just not sure about the Cincinnati Bengals. So the AFC North should stay in the Ravens’ control next season, I would think.

* My early Super Bowl XLVIII picks are Seattle and Houston. But don’t hold me to it.

* Thanks for reading. I’m going to write about high school halls of fame tomorrow on the blog. And I’ll be out at the East-North game tomorrow night. Really looking forward to that one.