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Pro-con: Do Obama gun proposals hit the mark?

The much-needed push for gun safety in America is on. President Obama set the wheels in motion by announcing 23 executive orders aimed at reducing gun violence. He asked Congress to pass substantial laws, including bans on assault weapons and magazines of more than 10 rounds. He also called for background checks on all firearms purchases, including private sales and those made at gun shows. Those steps alone would decrease the likelihood of casualties in shootings and make the United States a safer and saner nation. Better tracking of who is buying and selling firearms would give police valuable tools to prevent the shootings that ravage Kansas City and other urban areas. Only irrational obeisance to the gun lobby would prevent Congress from passing such a sensible law. – Kansas City Star

I am disheartened by the White House gun violence task force's recommendations, which primarily focus on gun control and missed the opportunity to provide bold proposals that would address the root of these tragedies: mental illness. I will fight proposals in the Senate that threaten our Second Amendment rights and fail to take real action to curb a culture of gun violence in America. I fully support enforcing the gun laws currently on the books instead of creating new ones that erode basic rights of self-protection. It has been statistically proved that passing gun legislation has no effect on removing guns from the hands of criminals. In the end, it is law-abiding citizens who are punished by gun control. With the emphasis mostly on gun control, the president avoided serious measures to tackle the increasingly violent culture in America. – Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan.