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Politics putting Praeger in tricky position

Many state insurance commissioners find themselves between a rock and a hard place: The federal government requires them to show progress by Nov. 16 toward setting up health insurance exchanges, but state-level conservatives insist they do nothing in the hope that the GOP will retake the White House and U.S. Senate on Nov. 6 and repeal "Obamacare" next year. According to Reuters, only 13 mostly Democratic states have made the commitment to establish their own insurance exchanges; under the law, those that don't will see the federal government step in to do the job. Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger is among the insurance commissioners in this delicate position. "Even the conservatives, given the option from having some control to no control, they'd prefer to have some control," she told Reuters. "But until this election is behind us, they're not willing to do anything that would show they're supporting Obamacare. And that's the same situation a lot of states are in."