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Shockers take on a wish

Robby Taylor Jr., left, and WSU coach Gregg MarshallI stumbled upon a nice moment at Wichita State today. Athletes do hundreds of these kind of things each school year, from pen pal programs to reading to children to signing baseballs after games at Eck Stadium. Most of these moments go unreported, which is fine. This one gets a little attention to serve as a reminder of all the small interactions the Shockers perform away from the courts and fields that bring people up.

Today, I happened to be finishing volleyball interviews when men’s basketball practice started. Robby Taylor Jr. visited practice with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I’m a below-average photographer, so I didn’t come close to capturing the best parts with my Droid. Several people filmed, so perhaps it will show up on

Carl Hall and Ehimen Orukpe held Robby, 8, up so he could dunk. WSU coach Gregg Marshall instructed Robby to dunk fiercely and make a mean face. He promised him seats behind the Shocker bench for a game, as long as he kept his grades strong. Robby listened to the pre-practice instructions at halfcourt and stuck around to watch with his parents, Robby Sr. and Mindy.

So that’s a pretty good day for the third-grader at Maize South. A year ago, Robby was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell  Histiocytosis (LCH).

His favorite part?“Getting to dunk.”