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A truly cool morning

The temperature inside Bob’s pick-up said it was 43 degrees when we arrived at the marsh at 6:15 this morning. Lights on our head showed it was very, very easy to see our breath.Sunrise this morning was 43 degrees...a perfect morning to be at a marsh.It truly felt like the first day of fall had come about five days early.

Thanks to the luck of the rains, and some hard work managing habitat by Bob and Andy, it has been one of our best teal seasons ever. Monday morning Bob and I coasted through fun limits of four apiece, despite clouds of mosquitos.

The highlight was when we saw our first northern harrier of the season, come gliding over the pond. The bird flushed a big bunch if ibis and a nice flock of teal that passed close enough even I was able to drop a double.

Walking to the blind this morning, though, we wondered if the recent cold front had brought more teal to the area, moved existing birds southward or both.

It was 45 minutes before sunrise when the first flock of teal buzzed us once, then landed near the blind. Small groups of pintails and wigeons, birds we’d seldom seen before this season, were next.

Things looked promising, but flights slowed quickly.

We ended up with six between the three of us. All bluewings.

That meant we got half-limits, which is never bad,…and we didn’t have to deal with a single mosquito.