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Surveying Shocker fans

Shocker fans at Koch Arena.Consider this a short companion piece to Sunday’s story about the #WatchUs campaign at Wichita State. If you’re in the mood to wonder a little more about Shocker marketing and what fans want, here are some results from an online survey the athletic department conducted early in the summer and responded to by 687 fans. Of those, 563 were men’s basketball season-ticket holders and 140 owned baseball tickets.

Some of the more interesting results:

383 fans (55.7 percent) attended more than 20 Shocker athletic events. Forty-seven (6.8 percent) attended less than five.Men’s basketball (38.6 percent) and baseball (23.8) led the way, with volleyball (17) and women’s basketball( 14.5) next. Respondents could pick more than one sport.“Supporting the Shockers” is the No. 1 reason people said they attend games – 444 (64.6). Team success and in-game atmosphere (15.9) tied for second. Discounts and promotions barely register (0.9 percent). There is no arguing WSU has a lot of loyal fans. Still, I’m surprised ticket discounts and team success didn’t rank higher. Perhaps the people who would take the time to take this survey are also the most loyal fans.Give it up for the pep band. Fans said the band is their favorite part of in-game atmosphere (241 fans, 35.1 percent). Second are the intro videos (24.7), followed by the controversial timeout promotions (20.2 percent). For everybody who grumbles at the sight of somebody shooting free throws from an easy chair, there is somebody else who enjoys it.  I suspect people are most annoyed by promotions when they silence or distract the crowd when the Shockers are making a run and fans are on their feet.When asked what WSU could do to enhance the game experience, 10.2 percent (108) wants more promotions. More people (192, 18.5 percent) want fewer. More people want more crowd involvement (309, 29.8).WSU depends heavily on non-alums for support, according to this survey. Former students made up 37.3 percent of the respondents. People who live or grew up in Wichita made up 36.5 percent.