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Brownback explains thinking behind tax cut

Gov. Sam Brownback said that the reason he pushed for reducing income taxes was that it had the most potential to spur economic activity. And he focused on eliminating income taxes on partnerships, sole proprietorships and other businesses because most Kansans work for businesses with 10 or fewer employees. "We took a narrow slice within that because of your key economic growth being small businesses," he told Associated Press. Brownback said he would have liked to reduce property taxes or eliminate any marriage penalty in the income-tax code but that those reductions were unlikely to result in as much economic growth. As to why he signed a tax bill that is projected to result in large budget deficits, Brownback said he didn't want the state to stay on the same track it has been on. "It's better to get to a different track," he said. Critics contend the new track shifts more of the tax burden to poor and working-class families and is unlikely to produce enough revenue growth to cover the budget shortfalls.