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Yoder's late-night swim inspires 'Late Show' list

The nude moonlight swim in the Sea of Galilee by Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Overland Park, inspired the top 10 list on the "Late Show With David Letterman" Monday on CBS. The highlights among the "Top 10 Congressman Kevin Yoder Excuses": "What's the big deal? I was naked the whole trip." "It's Obama's fault." "Putting the 'junk' in 'congressional junket.'" "That's how we party in Kansas."Meanwhile, Conor Friedersdorf of the Atlantic came to Yoder's defense, arguing that skinny-dipping was the least scandalous part of the junket to Israel on which U.S. lawmakers were "influenced by officials of a foreign government who want more from U.S. taxpayers." He concluded: "Perhaps we'd be better off if the ears of our elected representatives were filled with water every time they were around lobbyists."