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Cool temps + great place = that fall feeling

Passing through the gate the leads to most of the 180-acre family farm.The temperature was an even 50 degrees, and if I tried really hard I was able to see my breath last Saturday morning. Steam was raising from our lake north of Lawrence when I drove the UTV by, and a light jacket actually felt good.

It was a morning for work. Friday morning had been for hunting on a farm north of ours for squirrels. Five shots meant five gray squirrels – maybe only the second or third time in my long life I’ve taken a limit of just grays. Normally there a couple of fox squirrels mixed in.

Zipping around, with Boots the farm mutt sitting up on the seat beside me, I drove our farm’s trails, seeing what stands would need a bit more work and checking on the condition of food plots.

I placed a trail camera on a wide trail I’ve always wondered if the deer travel very much. Two strips of turnips got planted in dusty strips

Checking a trail camera showed some cool video of a very nice 11-pointer and four or five other bucks on one of our clover patches. (Sorry, I don’t know how to load video clips to the blog…the file is much too large.)

It danged sure didn’t feel like mid-August.

Amazing how perfect weather, on a day spent in a favored place, can really improve your mood and whole outlook on life.