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John Currie talks Big 12/SEC bowl game, bowls vs. playoff and what's next for Big 12

While catching up with Kansas State athletic director John Currie over the weekend, I asked him about a ton of different topics. Much of what we talked about was for upcoming stories that will run in the newspaper throughout May and June, but he also shared his thoughts on several pressing matters, such as the new Big 12/SEC champions bowl game, how future bowl games may or may not exist alongside a playoff and the upcoming spring Big 12 meetings.

Here are the highlights:

The Big 12/SEC bowl game, along with the four-team playoff being proposed, could dramatically alter the postseason in college football. How do you see that mixing in with current bowl games?

I have always been a proponent of the bowl system and the bowl experience. It will always be my hope that we can continue to preserve that bowl experience and provide the opportunity for student-athletes to have that opportunity along with alumni, fans, marching band and cheerleaders. We’ll see, I’m encouraged by some of the models that are out there on the playoff. We have had some healthy debate about it, but it is yet to be determined. We still don’t know what it will look like. But back to your question, although I have always been a bowl proponent, I believe that if we end up with a plus-one or a three-game playoff it will be a very positive thing for college football.

Do you want bowl games to be part of the playoff? Or do you want those to remain separate?

There are pros and cons both ways. I would love us to find a way to enhance and protect the bowl system and the bowl experience. There are a lot of opinions on how you do that. At the same time, the opportunity to make things more transparent and understandable for the general public, for our fans and student-athletes would be fine. (more…)