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A transit tax and Tuesday's vote to avoid bus cuts

By Bill Wilson

A few locker room notes from Tuesday’s transit discussion at City Hall.

• The 4-3 vote to approve Janet Miller’s compromise cuts to save transit came as a surprise on press row.

The swing vote, council member James Clendenin, didn’t voice much approval of Miller’s ideas during council discussion, instead expressing concern about the loss of some neighborhood cleanups and street maintenance, along with the quick pace of Miller’s 11th-hour plan to scale back the two services and delay Kennedy Plaza renovations at Century II for a year.

That pace clearly bothered council members Lavonta Williams and Michael O’Donnell, as well. Meanwhile, council member Jeff Longwell was focused on the inefficiency of the westside connector, which serves an average of 52 riders per day.

Perhaps Mayor Carl Brewer deserves some of the credit, for his brief interjection that council members were “trying to save projects in their own district” at the expense of a “citywide” transit system.