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Bryce Brown credits Bill Snyder for helping him reach the NFL

Most K-State fans have moved on from Bryce Brown. The former running back lasted just three games with the Wildcats, quit the team mid-season without explanation and played no part in their march to the Cotton Bowl.

After transferring in from Tennessee, few in Manhattan ever had a feel for his abilities or what he was capable of. They simply knew him as a top-flight high school recruit who didn’t play up to his potential in college.

Other than impressing the Philadelphia Eagles somewhere along the way, and keeping K-State’s lengthy NFL Draft streak alive last month, that’s how most will remember him around here.

He hasn’t talked much publicly since leaving K-State, but he did open up about his experience today when speaking with Philadelphia media. Specifically, he opened up about his relationship with Bill Snyder, who allowed him to show off his skills in front of NFL scouts at K-State’s pro day.

"Like I tell a lot of people, Coach Snyder had a lot more to do with my process than just (letting) me participate in the pro day,” Brown said. “He helped me find an agent and we used all of his resources. He was heavily involved and I appreciate that. Coach Snyder and I have a good relationship and we still talk from time to time. Our relationship is good."

Interesting comments. But I suppose they aren’t surprising. When Brown left K-State, Snyder said Brown was going through a difficult time and that he was there to help in anyway he could.

Brown was also asked if he would have done anything differently at K-State.

“It's been a humbling experience. If I had to go back and change one thing, I wouldn't change anything,” Brown said. “What I went through is what I had to go through as a person to help me out.”