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So they said

"If you love KS & value education, workers, & jobs. Call your legislator and tell them to vote NO right now." – Working Kansas Alliance, on Twitter, as the House was voting on the tax-cut bill

"If you love your state and want economic opportunities for your children, call your legislator and ask them to vote yes." – Alan Cobb of Americans for Prosperity, on Twitter

"You need to go out on the Internet and educate yourself." – Rep. Charlotte O'Hara, R-Overland Park, urging colleagues to pass the resolution condemning the United Nations Agenda 21

"Stupid is as stupid does." – Rep. Mike Slattery, D-Mission, quoting the movie "Forrest Gump" in condemning the Agenda 21 debate as "wasteful"

"If it were Fred Brown Hospital, I think it would take on a different character." – Rep. Gene Suellentrop, R-Wichita, on how loyalty to the University of Kansas may explain why lawmakers opposed his amendment to consider selling the KU Hospital in Kansas City, Kan.

"It would make about as much sense to sell the WSU baseball team." – Rep. Don Hineman, R-Dighton, on selling KU Hospital

"Dear Ks House colleagues, please don't sell the University of Kansas Hospital until I get out of here!!!" – Rep. Trent LeDoux, R-Holton, tweeting after surgery