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Wesley Medical Center has a mysterious tweet about Obama

WICHITA — There was a rather unusual tweet from Wesley Medical Center's Twitter account Wednesday evening.

Sandwiched between tweets about OB/GYNs and medical newsletters was this tweet:

"@seanhannity Go to Belinda Petitte Facebook. SO SICK OF OBAMA"

The tweet remained on Wesley's Twitter account most of Thursday. When Have You Heard? contacted Wesley spokesman Paul Petitte about it, he had several immediate responses.

He said he couldn't see the tweet. Then he said that perhaps his wife somehow did it. Finally, he wondered why it might be news.

After seeing a screen shot of the tweet supplied by Have You Heard?, Petitte replied via e-mail.

"Thanks for alerting us to this Tweet. We are uncertain how this statement arrived on the Twitter account. Whoever hacked in has since deleted it. We since followed protocol and changed our passwords to prevent further unauthorized statements."