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Abortion bills generating jobs for attorneys

The Kansas Attorney General's Office paid outside attorneys almost $628,000 through April to defend anti-abortion laws enacted last year, Associated Press reported. And that's just the beginning. Laws passed last year are still tied up in the courts. And the Kansas House is determined to pass even more constitutionally and scientifically suspect laws. A bill approved Monday would prohibit citizens from deducting from their taxes money spent on an abortion or for supplemental health insurance to cover the procedure. It also would bar employers from deducting any money they contribute to a health plan for supplemental insurance coverage of an abortion, and ban corporations from taking a tax credit from contributions they make to Planned Parenthood. The bill's provisions include applying sales taxes to any drugs used to perform or induce an abortion. Apparently pledges not to raise taxes don't apply when the issue is abortion. The bill also requires physicians to tell women that an abortion poses a risk of breast cancer, even though mainstream science doesn't support that link.