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Effort to 'carve out' DD care isn't dead

As momentum grew last week for not including long-term care for the developmentally disabled in the governor's plan to privatize Medicaid, several members of the governor's staff rushed to try to block the move, House Minority Leader Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, told the Topeka Capital-Journal. He said that an amendment to "carve out" DD care came to the House floor while the governor's appointed KanCare Advisory Council was meeting for the first time across the street from the Capitol. "I heard from one person who was at that meeting that suddenly all the representatives of the administration stood up and ran out of the room," Davis said. "They definitely saw that there was a leak in the ship, and they wanted to try and patch that as quickly as they could." Though the House voted 69-54 to send the bill back to committee, Davis said the effort isn't dead. Matt Fletcher, associate executive director of the Topeka-based advocacy group InterHab, also is encouraging people to keep the pressure on lawmakers. "Don't believe anyone who tells you that the deal's done or the train's already left the station," he said. "You do have a say."