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Bruce Weber reflects on everything from K-State players to scheduling and trip to Brazil

This is normally a quiet time of year for Kansas State basketball news, but with the Wildcats' recent coaching change I've got plenty for you this beautiful Tuesday afternoon.

New coach Bruce Weber says he is working round-the-clock right now, trying to hire a coaching staff and getting to know K-State's players. He is living out of a hotel, eating when he can and using multiple phones to keep up with all of his contacts.

He took some time out of his busy day to speak with me earlier today. So I've got plenty of news and notes to pass along. Here we go:

FIRST IMPRESSIONSWeber spent time on the court working out with players for the first time on Monday. Though players weren't in game shape following two weeks of down time, he was impressed with what he saw from them.

"They told me right away, 'The one thing we will do is we will play hard. That's the one thing we've always done,'" Weber said. "You can definitely see that. They've got some pretty good raw talent and physical ability."

He knows what he will emphasize with them in the short term.

"Shooting and getting the ball in the hoop is the one thing we really need to work at over the spring and summer," Weber said. (more…)