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Bruce Weber still searching for an assistant coach with ties to Kansas State

Bruce Weber wants to hire an assistant coach to his staff who has ties to Kansas State.

He has listed it as one of his highest priorities.

When Weber was introduced as K-State’s new basketball coach on Saturday, many naturally thought of associate head coach Brad Underwood. He proved to be an outstanding X’s and O’s coach under Frank Martin, graduated from K-State in 1986 and was born in nearby McPherson.

K-State players like him, and he would have been a great addition to Weber’s staff.

But that won’t be a possibility. Though Weber pushed hard for Underwood to stay, he has informed Weber that he will follow Martin to South Carolina along with fellow assistants Matt Figger, Lamont Evans and Andy Assaley, who served as Director of Basketball Operations.

“I talked with Brad Underwood,” Weber said. “He was my first call Saturday morning. But he called me back yesterday and said that he had made the decision to go to South Carolina. I understand, but I left it open to him. I’ve still got a few days here before I do anything final, so I told him, ‘If anything changes let me know.’”

Assuming Underwood doesn’t change his mind, that leaves Weber searching for a new assistant with K-State connections. Weber said he asked Underwood for recommendations, and that Darren Kent, who served as a graduate student manager last season, has told him he wants to remain on staff. (more…)