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Gingrich, Santorum identify with Jayhawks

With the GOP establishment pointing them toward the exit of the presidential nomination race, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are pointing to the Kansas Jayhawks. "I'm going to take Kansas as a model," Gingrich said Sunday. He noted that in Saturday's NCAA semifinal game against Ohio State, Bill Self's Jayhawks "were down nine points at the half. That is the second-largest margin to come back from in the Final Four Series." Asked on "Fox News Sunday" about talk of dropping out, Santorum said: "You should've told Kansas that last night when they were down almost 20 points in the first half. This race isn't even at halftime yet. We haven't even selected half the delegates yet. Gov. Romney is not halfway to the magic number and, you know, we look at the calendar ahead, and we feel very, very good about where we are going." But front-runner Mitt Romney could get a boost Tuesday, with a total 95 delegates up for grabs in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington, D.C.